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:) What are some of your favorite outlets (ie.YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, ETC.) for relapsing with anorexia//fighting the urge to binge/restrict since you ate normally (it always seems like a lot to ...
by livbullpen on 05 Aug 20 06:57 PM
Diet talk doesnt't trigger me lately
My good friend is on this crazy diet and she was talking about it & I felt like I could be supportive without feeling triggered. You couldn't pry Intuitive Eating from my clutches, I love it so ...
by manicask on 05 Aug 20 12:29 PM
Coping with diet talk
My mom is steeped in diet culture. I swear she’s been dieting since she was in her teens and she’s 60 now. I recently had to move back home (getting my RD all my money goes towards schooling) and she ...
by kaushav on 05 Aug 20 12:26 PM
Where Do I Change My Password
Click on my settings and look at the top where is says email and password...
by liv001 on 05 Aug 20 09:51 AM
Loss of Appetite
hey there OP, I am wondering how you are doing now? can you update? my wife's feeling similarly - she's not eating enough calories and wonders what it could be? wondering how you feel and what ...
by Nowbout on 05 Aug 20 08:57 AM
Best type of exercise for overall fitness and mental acuity?
I don't have any sport or competition goals, nor do I want to be a specific body type or size. What's most important to me is: Being able to execute a wide range of physical tasks (digging, h ...
by alibabakes5 on 05 Aug 20 05:31 AM

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