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Current Diet for Fat Loss

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is this diet working for fat loss? how have your results been?  
11 Aug 19 by member: xsivlychilly
Its working for me. The ratios are good. Not sure if it will work for you too as daily calories depends on age, gender, weihht, height. 😊 Let me know if you need any help in calculating your figues.  
12 Aug 19 by member: Rupesh Gonte
Can you share the food plan also? 
12 Aug 19 by member: crazyguy12
I follow IIFYM approach for food plan. That means I choose any foods, and just make sure I achieve my target P, C and F. Still for reference, I will post one sample soon :) 
14 Aug 19 by member: Rupesh Gonte
Thanks and suggest good low carbs food because I'm consuming more carbs.  
14 Aug 19 by member: crazyguy12
Prefer brown rice over wheat/roti Oats for breakfast and prewprkout Add Broccoli, salad in all meals  
14 Aug 19 by member: Rupesh Gonte
Drink a glass of water, half and hour before having a meal. 
14 Aug 19 by member: Rupesh Gonte
14 Aug 19 by member: crazyguy12
Feel free to ping me on Instagram @rupeshgonte. Can't chat here. 
14 Aug 19 by member: Rupesh Gonte
Bhaya please tell me from where you are taking 140 GM of protein using whey or what???  
17 Aug 19 by member: rajbramabull
your sodium content is too low, plus carbs also. if you stay on such low carbs and salt for long you will start effecting your brain functioning, experience mood swings and low energy which will lead to a big cheat meal. Also as you mentioned above brown rice contain anti nutrients which deplete the absorption of other nutrients such as protein. secondly pls get your creatinine levels checked. only eating protein and that too such a high quantity will push your uric acid and creatinine levels up eventually destroying your kidneys. always remember an Indian body type is habitual to function on carbs and if you think depleting them will result in fatloss my dear your totally in a mess.  
20 Aug 19 by member: sidxharth
also sodium is required in the breakdown of protein into aminos and as per your ss you are not even consuming the basic FDA recommendation. it's between 1500 mg to 2500 mg. Dear don't let facts and figures get on your head. listen to your body and don't run behind chasing numbers. personally telling I even do cutting diets on 2400-2600 calories. rather than. cutting down on calories increase your activity level. cutting down on calories means cutting down on the nutrients your muscle mass needs. so rather increase your activity, train harder and add HIIT type cardio and pls take care of your health 
20 Aug 19 by member: sidxharth
are fat 10 % chaiye 
20 Aug 19 by member: Aniketfitness
Hi Sidxarth, Thanks for your inputs, Just to highlight, I have not added sodium sources here in this tool, however, I make sure I get enough sodium through diet. Also, I cycle my carbs, so I do go above 200 sometimes or even more. Also, I am including Liv52DX in my supplementation for proper liver functioning. And creatinine level looks ok in my recent health checkup report. 😊 
21 Aug 19 by member: Rupesh Gonte
Aniket - 10% is too low. We need fats for proper functioning of body and muscle building. 
21 Aug 19 by member: Rupesh Gonte
full diet batayiye 
31 Aug 19 by member: shubham seth
as far as i know our protein intake should be 1gram per kg. example 70 grams for 70 kgs person. will taking more protein lead to problems 
08 Sep 19 by member: mehboob1basha


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