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Cooked Veggies
by member: ShwetaKay
Hearty, simple, and delicious dish.
per serve - Calories: 93kcal | Fat: 2.43g | Carbs: 13.90g | Prot: 5.24g
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Keto Alfredo Pasta
by member: Dishalijain
A low carb recipe with zucchini.
per serve - Calories: 575kcal | Fat: 53.14g | Carbs: 8.22g | Prot: 18.15g
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by member: Sushmita uppalapati
Healthy recipe with rice and moong dal.
per serve - Calories: 244kcal | Fat: 13.01g | Carbs: 26.87g | Prot: 5.98g
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Chicken Meatballs
Tasty and healthy meatballs served with rice or roti.
per serve - Calories: 125kcal | Fat: 5.13g | Carbs: 4.18g | Prot: 15.58g
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Sweet Cheesy Chicken Breast
by member: soumenB
This is a high protein delicious recipe. The amalgam of flavour and spices will give your taste buds a twist.
per serve - Calories: 492kcal | Fat: 26.00g | Carbs: 23.22g | Prot: 41.39g
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Keto Bread
by member: queenisreeni
Keto bread with almond flour.
per serve - Calories: 229kcal | Fat: 20.40g | Carbs: 5.29g | Prot: 8.71g
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Almond Bread Sandwich
by member: sreeveni
Keto snack sandwich.
per serve - Calories: 326kcal | Fat: 25.82g | Carbs: 13.95g | Prot: 13.16g
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Keto Dosa
by member: bhaavii
Dosa with almond flour.
per serve - Calories: 175kcal | Fat: 15.78g | Carbs: 5.45g | Prot: 4.80g
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Kaleji Curry
by member: Sagar S
A wonderful lunch recipe.
per serve - Calories: 325kcal | Fat: 18.46g | Carbs: 11.10g | Prot: 29.56g
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Lemon Rice and Quinoa
by member: jahnvu
Healthy South Indian rice dish.
per serve - Calories: 304kcal | Fat: 10.09g | Carbs: 48.05g | Prot: 6.96g
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Palak Pulao
by member: jahnvu
Brown rice with spinach.
per serve - Calories: 502kcal | Fat: 7.62g | Carbs: 92.72g | Prot: 20.06g
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Paneer Bhurji
by member: Fahad99
Tasty protein meal.
per serve - Calories: 195kcal | Fat: 16.31g | Carbs: 10.03g | Prot: 8.26g
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Paneer Bhurji
by member: vindhya14
Tasty North Indian paneer dish.
per serve - Calories: 213kcal | Fat: 15.19g | Carbs: 11.14g | Prot: 9.61g
Not yet rated.
Tomato, Onion and Cheese Pasta
by member: kritikajain25
Filling whole wheat pasta in mixed sauce.
per serve - Calories: 228kcal | Fat: 3.64g | Carbs: 42.40g | Prot: 9.92g
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Veg Kurma
by member: ias iramuk
Vegetables in Indian gravy.
per serve - Calories: 234kcal | Fat: 8.93g | Carbs: 36.46g | Prot: 6.24g
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